Crosier Purpose

For over eight centuries, the Canons Regular of the Order of the Holy Cross have embodied the ever ancient and ever new defining values of their vocation:

  • Commitment to a loving fraternity experienced in daily life together and cultivated in the work and unity of chapter meetings, a source of ideas and initiative (Constitutions, 8.1);
  • Dedicated to personal and communal lives of prayer, liturgical celebration and holiness, as expression and nourishment for the call to unity (Constitutions, 17.1);
  • Desire to serve the real and pressing needs of the Church and society within the dynamics of our consecrated life and the signs and needs of the times (Constitutions, 22.3);
  • Embracing the Cross of Christ as the embodiment of a life lived in love which goes forth to embrace the whole world (Constitutions, 11.3);
  • Attention to ongoing personal, spiritual and intellectual education and formation as conditions for a faithful consecrated life and a fruitful ministry (Constitutions, 24).

From generation to generation, the precious heritage of the Crosier Order has been cultivated in creative ways. Crosiers were called to proclaim the Good News by manifesting the generous gifts of faith, hope, and love in the Church and the world.

Living in today’s era of fast globalization advanced by technology, communication, and mobility, the Crosiers, like the world, face the tensions and opportunities that such an age presents. While globalization and technology give quick access to peoples around the world thus potentially building community, unity and inter-dependence, these same opportunities may lead to increased individualism and unhealthy independence from one another.

In this context, Crosiers are led by faith as they make choices in line with their vocation to love their brothers and sisters, and God in them. Around the year 2000, choices were made to start afresh. A new conviction grew: being a Crosier is a valuable way of life, and not merely a way of functioning. Understanding that building community can be a prophetic sign, Crosiers decided three transformational values as goals to aim at in order to embody the charism of the Order:

To choose forms of apostolate and ministry that foster community life;

To actually live together in fraternal community intent upon God (Rule of Augustine I,2);

To pursue the contemplative dimension of Crosier life.

Crosiers also intend that the lived experiences of their multicultural communities and their international brotherhood might be models for the global community. This fraternal brotherhood is made concrete in an ever greater generosity and mutuality, justice and equity.

The joy of the Gospel arising from loving encounters with Christ instills hope and energy to promote the accomplishment of God's Kingdom in this world. This hope blends with the spirit of Pope Francis as he points out the “urgent challenge to protect our common home”. This includes “a concern to bring the whole human family together,” in God. Pope Francis is convinced “that things can change”. “Humanity still has the ability to work together” [Laudato Sí, 13]. By living under the sign of the Cross, Crosiers are strengthened to be a brother to all people, belonging to one another in love.