Consider Becoming A Crosier

Share in a living tradition

Master General Laurentius Tarpin, OSC, with young Crosiers in the Conventual Priory in Onamia, MN.

The living elements of our tradition include strong community life, and also a commitment to the life-giving Cross. In addition, our membership in a canonical order demands that we be faithful to common liturgical prayer and our other forms of worship within our own communities and in our apostolates. This heritage must be emphasized beginning in the years of novitiate and formation. [Cons 4.1]

Consider becoming a Crosier

if you have a deep passion to follow Christ and to be in fuller union with God...

As a Crosier you will pursue this calling from God in unity of mind and heart with your Crosier brothers. You will go toward God together with us.

Consider becoming a Crosier

if you desire to live in a community of brothers and priests where you live for God alone by seeking to combine contemplative routines with a shared ministerial life...

As a Crosier you will live for God alone in community. This is an expression of our communion with Christ and with each other, actually living together. You will share your life and your gifts with other Crosiers and the Church.

Consider becoming a Crosier

if you feel called to pray and celebrate with other men who love the liturgy of the Church and who are committed to common prayer…

As a Crosier you will daily celebrate the Liturgy of the Hours and the Eucharist as a communal expression of the public prayer of the Church.

Consider becoming a Crosier

if you wish to be a man of the Cross following Christ in his total dedication to God and to others which reached its completion on the Cross …

As a Crosier you will hold up the Triumphant Cross as a sign of hope in suffering and of joy amidst struggle.

Consider becoming a Crosier

If you long to live and work in community to promote with your brothers the accomplishment of the Kingdom of God …

As a Crosier, you will seek, with other Crosiers, to be an evangelical leaven within society and to announce the Good News in the midst of our life together and in the world.

Young Congolese Crosiers in the city of Butembo – North Kivu

In order to be faithful to our calling and to create a fruitful apostolate inside and outside of the community, it is absolutely essential that we be men marked by a faith that is authentic. Consequently, in the years of initial formation and training, the greatest attention must be devoted to a genuine life of faith. Everything conducive to a personal realization of authentic faith must be incorporated into our program of formation. [Cons. 23.1]